Maca recipes

When tired and exhausted, Maca recipes give natural body wake-up dishes , helping to bring back energy and better physical performance. Maca can be eaten fresh or cooked in underground ovens. The dried roots are eaten after boiling in water or milk. Maca can be also mixed with oca, quinua and soyabeans to prepare different dishes and dessert. Toasted and ground Maca can be used to prepare “maca coffee”.

Maca root recipes give energy and boost to your day

Maca has a strong and peculiar flavor which is not acceptable to many people. However, Maca products are offered as energy drinks (mostly recommended) or in capsules found in most health food shops worldwide, easy to prepare and with a nice taste. The most natural form of Maca is dry powdered Maca. Maca in a powder form can be mixed with fruit juice; a smoothie, protein powder and it can be consumed in between meals or added to any energy drink before a workout. To preserve all the essential nutrients, once bought in a powder form, maca is not supposed to be cooked. Cooking can destroys some of the most valuable nutrients in maca. In case a recipe requires cooking (because of other ingredients), add maca at the end of cooking process if possible. That way you achieve super nutritious results.